The Chapel

Swedenborg Wedding Chapel, celebrating the sacred and universal joys of marriage love, is a wonderful location for wedding services of all faiths. It is located at 50 Quincy Street, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Harvard Square. The Chapel, a Gothic Revival, stone structure, built in 1901, was designed by H. Langford Warren, the founder of Harvard University's School of Architecture.

Thanks to overwhelming community support, Swedenborg Chapel was entered into the U. S. National Registry of Historic Places on March 15, 1999.

The charming Chapel exterior leads you  into a magical space of simplicity and beauty. There is seating for 175 guests. Our sound system provides quality voice and instrumental projection. Both an organ and piano are available.


Limited parking is available in the small lot on the Kirkland St. side of the church. Limousines may park on Kirkland St., in front of the chapel walkway. Parking may be arranged through Harvard University's parking office. Please contact the Harvard University Parking Office at (617) 496-7827 to reserve parking.

*The official and historical name for Swedenborg Chapel, which may be on maps and church directories, is The Cambridge Society of the Church of the New Jerusalem (Swedenborgian). For more directions, search for "Swedenborg Chapel" on Harvard University's map.

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