About Us

The Wedding Chapel

Swedenborg Chapel has been offering its services as a space for weddings for over 30 years.  We offer a space for people who are looking for a chapel wedding, but may not have a church or chapel available to them.   We believe that healthy marriages make us better people.  Whether it is a religious ceremony or a secular ceremony, we do our best to ensure every wedding at the chapel is one to remember.

Our Society

Our Society (another word for “congregation”) is over century old.  The sanctuary was built as a chapel for the Swedenborgian Church’s denominational theological school, which was located adjacent to the chapel until the 1960s, when it moved.  At that time, the theological school built an addition onto the side of the chapel for the congregation’s use as a parish wing.  Only in 2004 did the Cambridge Society manage to finally purchase the building from the theological school, with the assistance of the larger state organization.

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